Researchers have suggested that exercise is the "best preventative drug" for many common ailments; from heart disease, depression, diabetes and cancer.  There is also compelling evidence showing that physical exercise helps build a brain that not only resists shrinkage, but increases cognitive abilities and creativity.

‚ÄčThe idea that your brain can regenerate itself throughout your life is completely contrary to what we were taught years ago in Chiropractic College.  At that time, it was believed that once Neurons are injured, they die and memory decline was considered an inevitable part of aging.  We now know that your brain has the ability to adapt and grow new brain cells at any age.  Exercise promotes this neurogenesis, as well as normalizing insulin sensitivity, which also helps protect your cognitive health.

Studies have suggested exercise that included high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is the most beneficial for brain health.  HITT routines are short bursts of high intensity exercise followed by a short period of rest or recovery.  It also allows us to get in shape quicker, as our body's response to short bursts of high intensity exercise is to function more efficiently.

To improve your physical and cognitive health, I highly recommend you get out and walk.  To gain further benefit, incorporate HIIT into your walking routine.

1.  Warm Up (3 minutes): walk at an easy comfortable pace

2.  Interval Set (3-5 repetitions):  each repetition is 5 minutes

3.  Steady State (3 minutes):  walk briskly, enough that your breathing is elevated but you can still talk easily

4.  High Intensity (1 minute):  walk as quickly as you can, enough that your breathing should be very laboured, talking is difficult

5.  Recovery (1 minute):  walk at a comfortable pace focusing on catching your breath

6.  Cool Down ( 2 minutes):  Walk at an easy pace interrupted with a few stretches

Supplement your HIIT walk with some gentle YOGA!

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