Ayla had always planned on becoming a doctor, however, her journey to becoming a naturopathic doctor started after struggling for years with health issues that the conventional medical system could not simply explain. Ayla says, “I turned to naturopathic doctors who discovered and treated the root cause of my symptoms, and it was through this experience I realized the importance of integrative medicine and working collaboratively with different doctors utilizing the best of conventional and complementary medicine.”

 Ayla is a registered naturopathic physician licensed with the College of Naturopathic Doctors of Alberta, the College of Naturopathic Physicians of British Columbia, and the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a 4-year medical degree in Naturopathic Medicine. After graduation Ayla moved to Copenhagen Denmark to work abroad with an integrative medical team, piloting a program that holistically supported patients with the collaborative effort of various practitioners.

 After work, Ayla keeps active by running outside, lifting in the gym, attending fitness classes, or going to spin classes taught by her sister at YYC cycle. She loves adventure, sun and sandy toes, and she just traveled to her 30th country this past April.

 Ayla offers naturally focused naturopathic care, and aims to be your inspiration for healthy living. Ayla’s goal is to support you naturally in health; helping spark the creation of a healthier lifestyle for resilience, longevity, and everyday wellness. She treats many common health conditions with a focus on:

  • stress management, improving your energy, sleep, and moods
  • women’s health and hormonal imbalances (weight gain, anxiety / depression, irregular periods, PMS, acne, thyroid issues, fertility and menopause)
  • digestive issues and GI health
  • eliminating / treating pain and injuries
  • wellness optimization and preventative medicine 

 To read more about Ayla’s practice visit: https://www.doctorlester.com/